Anka B is an improved version of the UAV Anka A. The aircraft is equipped with a technical vision system of a high-resolution with infrared camera, laser designator-rangefinder, synthesized aperture radar, satellite communications system, as well as secure data transmission system and an onboard computer developed by Turkey.

A new version of the UAV will become a standard for the Turkish armed forces. In the autumn of 2013, Turkish military ordered ten Anka aircrafts. According to Jane’s, it will be UAV Anka Block B (Anka-S). Their delivery is scheduled to begin in 2016 and to be completed in 2018.

In the summer of 2012 the world became aware of Turkey plans to create an armed version of the unmanned drone Anka. It is yet unclear whether Anka B will be equipped with any weapons. The exact characteristics of the aircraft are also not disclosed.

Anka A, in turn, has a length of eight meters and a wing width of 17.3 meters. It is equipped with a heavy fuel engine of 155 horsepower and can carry up to 200 kg of working load. Self-sustainability of the UAV is up to 24 hours, and the operating range is 200 kilometers.

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