Twitter forbade posting intimate "photos of your exes"

This is now stated in the updated terms of use of the service.

The changes affected the article “Confidential Information” and the article “Policy on abusive behavior”, in which the following requirement was added: “It is forbidden to publish photos or videos of an intimate nature, created or distributed without the consent of the persons depicted on them.”

Thus, failure to comply with the rules of using Twitter may threaten potential violators with blocking of their accounts.

In addition, the company has released new FAQ, which explains how microblogging service will regulate this issue. Twitter responded to questions posed by the portal BuzzFeed. Among the answers, for example, it was stated that the company will ask whether photos or videos have been published without the permission of the persons depicted in them, and in the case of a positive answer, the accounts of the violators will be blocked, and compromising information will be hidden from public access. Users will also be asked to remove illegal photos or videos to regain access to their account.

As BuzzFeed notes, the changes to the English version of Twitter have been made on the evening of March 11.

This step by Twitter was motivated by the influx of complaints from users who demanded from Twitter to create more strict rules with regards to insults and harassment of some people by others, especially aimed at women. Earlier in February, it was announced that Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo acknowledged that the company is experiencing difficulties in fighting against online bullies on their platform.

“We are not doing a great job with “trolls” on our platform and it has been going on for years. It is no secret, and the whole world is talking about it every day. We are losing our core audience simply because we cannot seem to effectively fight against trolling,”- he said.

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