sanctions against RussiaU.S. National Security Council issued an official statement with a hard warning for Russia. A representative of the Council at the White House Bernadette Meehan called Russia’s decision to recognize the results of the election in the self-proclaimed republics of DNR LNP a violation of the Minsk Agreements of September 5, 2014.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry and its head Sergei Lavrov admitted the possibility of recognizing these elections. Immediately after the elections on November 2, Russia officially recognized them as “valid”.

The USA insist that the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk were illegal. “The statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry in meant to legitimize fake “elections”,” – said in a statement Meehan.

He also expressed his concern about the reports that Russia is allegedly concentrating its troops and military equipment in the border regions with Ukraine, stressing that the border “will be left unsupervised and not controlled by the government of Ukraine.”

Russia has a choice, it says in the statement: “If it will support the peace process and will comply with its obligations in accordance with the Minsk Agreements, then the price that Russia will have to pay for its destabilizing actions against Ukraine will go down. If Moscow continues to ignore its obligations that it agreed to in Minsk, and continues its destabilizing and dangerous actions, then Russian will have to pay an even greater price for it.”

Earlier, on November 3, it became known that in the coming days the European Union may review new, even tougher sanctions against Russia.

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