Ukraine increased daily volume of natural gas

As of February 15, since the beginning of this month, 1.02 billion cubic meters of natural gas have been imported to Ukraine. Most of the fuel came from Europe – 624 million cubic meters (39 percent more than from Russia), noted in Ukrtrasngaz. For the same period in 2014, 1.3 billion cubic meters (the entire amount came from the Russian Federation) were imported.

On February 19, Ukrtransgaz said that Ukraine is planning as of February 20 to increase supplies of natural gas from Hungary from 5 to 5.5 million cubic meters per day. Prior to this, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban after the visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Budapest promised not to resell Russian gas to Ukraine. Gazprom, in turn, agreed to, in particular, free Budapest from take or pay condition.

Also, last week, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the country is ready to completely get away from Russian gas supplies. “We are almost done with winter. Few people had hoped that we will make it. I was saying that it won’t be warm, but we won’t freeze – and it was warm and we didn’t freeze,”- noted Ukrainian Prime Minister.

Ukraine buys gas from Russia under the “winter gas plan” which has been worked out during the negotiations with the participation of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission. Ukraine also receives gas from three reverse directions – through Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

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