A corresponding bill was submitted to the Parliament by deputies from the Radical Party – its leader Oleg Lyashko and his fellow faction member Yuriy Chizhmar.

According to the submitted bill, the Criminal Code of Ukraine will be amended with the Article 110-3. For “public denial of military aggression” it is proposed to punish by imprisonment for a term of three to five years. If the offense is committed by a public official or a representative of authority, or repeatedly or by prior agreement by a group of persons, then the sentence will be from five to ten years. The article also provides for the confiscation of assets.

According to Chizhmar, “supported by Russia “fifth column” began raising its head in the country.” “Our society is being brainwashed with the idea that Russia is not an aggressor but a peacemaker and a partner of Ukraine in establishing peace. This debate is further fueled by statements of public personas, including officials from local government “, – he added.

As an example, the deputy cited the statement by the Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes from an interview with “Ukrainian Truth” of February 17. On the question of whether he continues to believe that Russia is not an aggressor, he replied: “I don’t think that Russia is aggressive towards Ukraine, because Ukraine received a loan and Russia is also supplying gas to Ukraine today.”

Earlier, on January 27, Rada adopted a declaration to recognize Russia as an aggressor country and encouraged the parliaments of foreign states and international organizations to do the same. 271 MPs with the minimum required 226 voted in favor of the decision. The declaration states that Russia supports terrorism and blocks the activities of the UN Security Council which jeopardizes international peace and security.

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