ukrain security forcesResponsibility for the crime is supposed to entrust on the militia of the south-east. This was told to the Russian intelligence services by an officer who directly trained a group of saboteurs. LifeNews has obtained an operative video of the special services with the revelations of the officer.

A former captain of the 47th Regiment of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry special forces stationed in the Crimea, and last spring passed over to the jurisdiction of Russia, for the last few months has lived in that part of the Lugansk region, which is not controlled by DPR and served in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

– When the transition of the Crimea to Russia began, I decided to leave for Ukraine – said the ex-captain, a specialist in mine blasting work. – There, the Ministry of Interior Affairs at first promised a lot of things to me, but it turned out that they don’t trust the natives of the Crimea. As a result, I was sent to fight in the Lugansk region.

In the south-east, the captain was responsible for the organization of subversive groups, in particular the punitive battalion “Aydar”. His objectives were to train groups of saboteurs and manufacture explosive devices disguised as everyday objects: bags, boxes, bottles, cans. They were used against the militias. Then the captain, apparently, gained the trust of the Ukrainian leadership and received a special assignment.

– In August, I was ordered to urgently train three subversive groups made out of the fighters from “Aydar” and “Donbass” – the man continued. – To them, we were preparing explosives camouflaged as bags of refugees. The fighters were mainly from Lugansk and Donetsk regions. I was told that they would have to return to their native regions and arrange a series of terrorist acts against the leaders of the militia.

Later, the captain found out that the explosives were intended for entirely different purposes. The explosions, for which they planned to accuse the militia, were to take place in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk on the eve of the Independence Day, or directly during the celebrations.

– After the attacks the military campaign had to be strengthened, intensified, because now it was neither good nor bad. People scatter, no one really wants to serve, – admitted the officer.

The captain did not want to be associated with such crimes. He feared that subsequently he may be eliminated as an undesirable witness. The officer with the help of his colleagues from the Crimea left his location of service, returned home and is now testifying to the Russian special services.

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