against Islamists

This was reported on Sunday, March 15, by Reuters.

“A coordinated and well thought-out coalition must do everything possible to reach a political solution without violence, but if that becomes impossible, the use of force is necessary,” – said the priest.

According to the archbishop, the militants “must be stopped.” According to him, at the moment Christians “are experiencing a serious threat to the lives.” At the same time, Tomasi stressed that Christians are not the only believers who have suffered from the actions of the “Islamic State.” He also mentioned Yezidis, Shiites, Sunnis and Alawites. “We want to help everyone, not excluding anyone,” – said the ambassador of the Holy See.

Tomasi believes that any coalition against Islamic militants should include Muslim countries of the Middle East and act strictly according to the mandate of the United Nations.

The “Islamic State” is a terrorist organization, formed by militant radical followers of Islam. The militants have seized a number of provinces of Syria and Iraq, announced their capital the Iraqi city of Mosul and proclaimed “caliphate.” In February, the terrorists from the “Islamic State” executed several groups of Christians. Operation of the group in Russia is banned by the court.

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