In four of the eight control pharmacies there were no condoms on sale, in the other four they were sold with restrictions. For example, you can only buy two condoms made in Venezuela for one person.

Venezuelans buy goods on the internet market Mercado Libre. Among the offers – a pack of 36 condoms for 4760 bolivars (755 US dollars at the official exchange rate).

In June of 2014, President Maduro promised to build a plant that would supply rubber contraceptives to the domestic market. The production began, but the quality and quantity of products did not satisfy Venezuelan consumers.

According to a research conducted by the World Bank, Venezuela is ranked fifth out of 21 countries in Latin America in terms of teenage pregnancy. HIV incidence is 0.6 percent of the population. With a shortage of contraceptives, these figures will only continue to rise, experts warn.

Venezuela contraceptive problem

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