Information was published on the Allen’s official website.

Allen, whose estimated wealth is $13 billion, owns one of the biggest yachts in the World named Octopus (126 m in length). Together with several scientists he began searching for Musashi eight years ago. Thanks to historical data, topographic sea bottom map and bathymetric survey of the Sibuyan Sea carried out on Octopus, Allen’s crew managed to narrow area of search as much as possible.

In February, 2015 final stage of expedition has started. No longer than the third race of autonomous underwater vehicle BlueFin-12 it discovered the flotsam at the bottom, while the second midget submarine equipped with video camera confirmed that this was Musashi.

Musashi and similar Yamato were the largest battleships in the history of World Navy. Ship, which had been being built from 1938 till 1942, had full load displacement of 72,000 tons, had been moving at a speed of 27.5 knots per hour and had been armed with nine 40 cm/45 naval guns, without taking into account numerous secondary  and anti-aircraft artillery. On October 24, 1944 Musashi was wrecked by American aircraft during the first stage of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Even though there were lots of witnesses of Musashi’s shipwreck, exact position of vessel remained unknown.

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