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Troilo took the first prize for the picture series ‘Black city – The Dark Heart of Europe’ about Wallonia city of Charleroi. World Press Photo’ jury refused to revise the results of contest until having carried out investigation of facts and photographer’s methods of work. It has been found that one of the pictures was taken in the suburbs of Brussels. Troilo agreed that the image wasn’t taken in Charleroi.

Photos have drawn negative reaction of Charleroi’s mayor Paul Magnette, who accused photographer of ‘adulteration of reality’ and ‘forming-up the images, which are unfair and betray the basics of journalism ethics’. He also underlined staging of some pictures. Mayor demanded to deprive Troilo of prize.

According to an official description of picture series, “Black city is a symbol of all Europe”, showing crack-up of industrial production, rising unemployment, increase in number of entrants and micro-criminality. Under these circumstances locals indulge in “perverted and strange types of sex” in the midst of “racial hatred, neurotic obesity and drug abuse”.

Awards for the best photos of 2014 from WPP were given in the mid-February. The photo of the year prize was given to a picture of a gay couple from Saint-Petersburg taken by Danish newspaper Politiken’s in-house photographer Mads Nissen.

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