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The Russian search engine Yandex is concerned with the fact that Google “can put any restrictions – including the ban on cooperation with competing services” because of its dominance in the market with an operating system Android, which is used on most of the mobile devices in the world – more than 84 percent of all devices sales in the world and 86 percent in Russia, the statement says.

“Access to the key components of the platform, in particular – to the app store Google Play, without which it is almost impossible to sell devices operating on Android, can be obtained by manufacturers only on Google’s terms”, – the company notes.

Moreover, according to the director of public relations at Yandex, Ochir Mandzhikov, it is imperative to separate the Android operating system from Google search and other user services, such as search, maps, email and others. He explains this by the fact that if a company fails to “promote on their devices Google services, in particular, using Google search as default, it may lose access to the components of the Android platform on which the success of their smartphones depends on.”

“We believe that the manufactures should have a choice of which search engine to install on their smartphones and tablets as default, and which services they should pre-install. Installation of services for users should not be related with offering Google Mobile Services and Google Play. And even more so, Google shall prohibit the installation of applications from competitors,”- says Mandzhikov.

According to the company, in 2014 Google banned pre-installation of all Yandex services on the mobile devices Fly, Explay and Prestigio. “It is very likely that Google will continue this practice. Not only Yandex is at risk, but also other major developers, whose services compete with Google products, and other device manufacturers who may lose the ability to choose the most attractive options of pre-installed services. In the end, the interests of users are affected,”- said Yandex.

At the moment, the European Commission is investigating the situation of Google’s dominance of Android. Yandex is also involved in the European process.

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