Yatseniuk ukraine

This was stated by the Prime Minister in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels. TASS provides a transcript of the conversation.

“This conflict will last not a year, and not even two or three years,” – says Ukrainian Prime Minister.

At the same time, Moscow believes that the most active phase of the operation in Donbass has been already completed. “The most acute phase of fire, the phase of shooting, it seems – and we all hope that it is true – is coming to an end,” – said Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Andrey Kelin in an interview with the TV channel Russia 24.

On February 26, the US National Intelligence suggested that the conflict in the east of Ukraine will continue until the end of 2015. According to the agency director, James Clapper, negotiations on the status of the territories under the control of rebels will be difficult.

In April of 2014, the government of Ukraine began a military operation in Donbass against the residents of the region who were dissatisfied with the February coup. According to the UN data, submitted on February 3, 5358 people became victims of the conflict in the Donbas area, and more than 12 thousand people were injured.

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