Norway joins the sanctions against Russia


Norway will join the sanctions against Russia, as reported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

norway against russia

According to the Foreign Minister Børge Brende, Norway will implement the same restrictive measures, as the EU. In particular, it will expand the list of persons and companies whose financial assets in the country will be frozen. With respect to individuals there will also be imposed visa sanctions.

On July 31 the EU imposed sanctions against Sberbank, VTB, “Russian Agricultural Bank”, VEB and “Gazprombank”. EU companies and citizens are prohibited from buying or selling new shares, bonds or similar financial instruments with a maturity of over 90 days. In addition to that, there are restrictions on the supply to Russia of military related goods and equipment for the offshore industry.

“Even after the tragedy of July 17 when a plane Malaysian got shot down, Russia, even though it has changed its behavior, still continued to destabilize the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine,” – said Brende.

On August 13 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will open a hotline for questions of the business community on the consequences of future sanctions.

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Norway joins the sanctions against Russia

  1. Way to go Norway!

  2. dafy says:

    Alex pls

  3. fyi says:

    The state of New South Wales is in the country of Australia

    The state of texas is in the country of America

  4. Answers says:

    Actually, Norway is a State. #getsomeeducation

  5. Dan Allin says:

    'Even after the tragedy of July 17 when a plane Malaysian got shot down'

    There's not been a single shred of evidence that Russia or the Ukraine Separatists were in anyway responsible for the shoot down. If the US or the EU had anything concrete they'd be all over Fox news foaming at the mouth in righteous indignation demanding instant justice; just like they were when the shot down the Iranian airliner. Oh wait…

  6. A Norwegian says:

    We’re a country, not a state.

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