Announced earlier this week, the new Pixel range of Google signed a will on the part of the Mountain View company to return permanently to the mobile sector.

Composed of pixels and pixel XL, this series of stamped smartphones Google logo has already had the opportunity to go on the grill, and be analyzed by various benchmark software.

Less powerful than the iPhone 7 Plus

And since it will end up answering the question, so take the lead, no, Pixel XL is not as good as the iPhone 7 Plus Apple, at least in the field of raw performance, and despite the presence in her womb with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 coupled with 4GB of RAM processor. If we look at the results of Google terminal on Geekbench, it appears that reached the respective scores of 1607 points and 4 147 points in single core and multi core. For comparison, the same tests, the Apple Mobile reaches 3469 points single core to fly squarely and “score” 5 601 points in multi core. It must be said that Apple A10 processor developed by the Cupertino company had already confirmed to be able to perform real miracles in optimization term.

A terminal to over 1 000

This is all the more surprising that Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus display almost similar prices. When the solution of Google will be charged 899 euros in its 32 GB version and 1009 euros in its declination 128GB (particularly high tariffs for Android based smartphones), Apple PHABLET will be offered for 909 euros in its milling 32GB and 1,019 euros in its version 128GB. note that the third declension, offering 256 GB of internal memory, will be charged 1,129 euros.

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