He will be the future iPhone a breakthrough smartphone? Surely. But not in the same way as usual …

If one sets aside the original iPhone, Apple has used its world launch every two years a significantly different model: iPhone 4 introduced the Retina display and design has made great use of glass; iPhone 5 has enlarged its screen and introduced the Lightning; iPhone 6 has further expanded its screen and radically revised its design.

To believe all the rumors, the iPhone 2016 will break this “tradition.” In this sense, it will be disruptive. In a month of his presentation, we start to have sufficient elements to establish a credible sketch of this very particular iPhone.

Which name ?


Since it would create a rupture in the traditional two-year cycle, it is not certain that the next generation iPhone will be called iPhone 7. This is in some logic and so says VentureBeat, according that Apple will keep the name for later.

So how will call the 2016 iPhone? Apple began using the suffix Pro for the iPad, “iPhone Pro” alone is a hypothesis. Still, “iPhone Pro Plus” would sound a little strange …

The Apfelpage website understands that the name will be “iPhone 6SE.” This is plausible because it would enter the smartphone in the line of iPhone 6 and 6s, the suffix “SE” has been revived recently updated with iPhone OS.

For convenience, we use the name “iPhone 7” in this article, but as we just explained, there are chances that either another name wins.

How many models?


The iPhone 7 would always come in two models of different sizes: 7 iPhone 4.7 “and 7 More iPhone 5.5”. According to the Nikkei, Apple has planned for a time to produce a third model, which would have been in a second 5.5 “with a less sophisticated camera. Finally, given the very strong Asian competition, the Cupertino company has decided to be one single iPhone 7 Plus.

What design?


The surprise, which is not a if you followed the rumors is that the iPhone 7 would not benefit from a new design. It would remain on both terminals of 4.7 “and 5.5” aluminum with rounded edges and the glass slab projecting slightly over the periphery.

This does not mean that Apple will not change. The iPhone 6 has a tendency to bend a little too easily? The iPhone 6s boasts a new, more resistant alloy. The bands back to the antennas are unsightly? They could finally be more discreet on the iPhone 7.

According to multiple photographs and alleged indiscretions relayed, plastic bands are always present, but they just ran up and down the back. Apple has somehow erased the tape passing under the camera and one that crossed the bottom of the phone.

The other change that would easily distinguish an iPhone 7 iPhone 6 (s) is its bottom edge. Flight, swept, dismissed the historical jack. It would be replaced by a second speaker. For one, it will probably get a more powerful sound. Furthermore, it should appeal to Wes Anderson, who is obsessed with symmetry.

Joking aside, it may help the iPhone 7 to become tight. Not from always reliable media, this water resistance of rumor should be taken with large tongs currently. And if it were to verify the withdrawal of the jack to seal would not necessarily be a relevant argument: the Galaxy S7 is a waterproof headphone jack that Samsung does not deprive certainly remembered.

Moreover, abandoning the jack would not result in a reduction in thickness. According to alleged schemes that have leaked, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will not be thinner than the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

The camera still exceed the hull, but differently. It is the metal back which would form the protuberance itself. Does it looks better than the round piece which currently exceeds? We let you make your opinion. The iPhone 7 would be even more distinct from its predecessor, since its camera sensors consist of two side by side.

To finish with the aesthetic part of the next iPhone would be available in a darker gray finish sidereal (perhaps famous black sidereal as the Apple Watch), in addition to other colors silver, gold and rose gold.

Which components?


Enter inside the iPhone 7. It is expected an A10 processor produced by TSMC logically more efficient, but to what extent? Not easy to say for now. A recent benchmark which gave the phone a more powerful iPad Pro has proven to be a fake. A previous test assumed the site at the same level as the iPad Pro, but its authenticity is unverifiable.

The rumor about 3GB RAM of the iPhone 7 Plus seems a bit more serious. It may seem a bit surprising when one refers to the iPhone 6 (s) and 6 (s) More were served identically (1 and 2 GB of RAM), but the iPhone 7 Plus may be needed the surplus for its amazing camera with two sensors.

This touches on what could be the main novelty of this model. According to Bloomberg, the two sensors would capture colors differently, then the two images are combined to obtain a better result than at present. Pictures taken in dark environments would include sharper.

One can also learn more through a 2014 report LinX, the small company specializing in multi-sensor devices that Apple acquired last year. In this report, the startup demonstrates that its solution combines two sensors 4 megapixel outperformed the camera of the iPhone 5 (8MP) and the Galaxy S4 (13 MP).

While the iPhone 7 Plus should take advantage of this breakthrough, the iPhone 4.7 7 “be content to share a single sensor. It would be a little bigger than the iPhone 6s, leading to think he should also be an increase in quality.

Support RAW in iOS 10 (lossless format) supports the hypothesis of a significant change in this area … A development that would be accompanied by the abandonment of 16 GB of storage at entry ( finally !). The most affordable model begin to 32GB ensures Wall Street Journal. Other capabilities could be of 128 and 256 GB, but this information comes from a less reliable source.

The home button is also expected to grow significantly. If aesthetically it should remain the same, there would be more of a mechanical button. It will be a full-touch button that transcribe a physical sensation through haptic feedback, according to Bloomberg.

In other words, its use should remain equivalent (always with the Touch ID sensor), but it will be a mechanical part and less likely to drop. This change could also be part of the search for leaks.

It is further expected that other components are renewed, as is usually the case; faster wireless chip, most complete coprocessor battery to the higher capacity …

The iPhone screen 7 has been no rumor, however, progress is not ruled out. Apple has some technologies in reserve, as the true tone of the iPad Pro and P3 color space of the iMac Retina.

Finally, Smart Connector or not Smart Connector? hallway noises are contradictory about it. It finally seems that this connector will not appear on the iPhone 7.

What headphones?


The jack before disappearing from the iPhone 7, it is hard to imagine Apple EarPods provide with this connector … unless they are accompanied by a Lightning-jack adapter or are equipped with a Lightning cable . We saw several EarPods Lightning on the web, but their authenticity is questionable.

Another possibility is the “AirPods”, that is to say, wireless headphones. Several reliable media reports that Apple is working on such an accessory, however it is not clear if it is to be supplied with the iPhone or sold separately (although this assumption is likely given the price to come Device ). The mystery remains around this time.

When and how?


The most credible presentation date is Wednesday, September 7 and the output Friday, September 16, with perhaps the launch of pre-orders on 9 September.

As for the price, nothing has filtered for now, but we expect it to be identical or at least similar, to that of the iPhone currently 6s. The iPhone 7 would start at € 749 and the iPhone 7 Plus to 859 €. It would then add an extra hundred euros for each higher storage capacity.


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